The advent of the container fundamentally transformed the ocean freight industry more than 50 years ago. Unfortunately, many in the industry have misinterpreted this standardization for commoditization. In order to navigate the highly nuanced, highly regulated ocean freight industry effectively, you need a strategic partner.

Consolidation or LCL Service:

This global service provides one of the most economical options for moving smaller shipments to and from several hundred consolidation centers located on 6 continents.

Reefer Service:

This full container service provides an essential link in the supply chain for items that require temperature consistency throughout the transport process. This product group ranges from perishables, to chemicals, to sensitive component parts for manufacturing.

PO (Purchase Order) Management:

Given the global nature of today’s supply chains, many if not most companies are sourcing material from suppliers around the world. For those companies with the most complex global-sourcing and ordering requirements, CLN provides a Global PO Management service to effect, coordinate, manage, and move materials from suppliers around the globe.

Foreign-to-Foreign Service:

Off-shoring for those companies with a global customer base presents an interesting scenario whereby the management team is located in one country, sourcing in a second country, and their client in a third country. CLN’s Foreign-to-Foreign service coordinates and manages this solution, including transportation, documentation, visibility, regulatory issues, and customs requirements for each of the three countries involved.

Full-Container Service:

This global service provides one of the safest and most efficient forms of transport for internationally bound shipments. It is important, however, that the client work closely with the provider to determine the appropriate variable-mix for this service option. There are many considerations including: routing, transit time, carrier selection, reliability, security, regulatory requirements, etc.

Vessel Chartering:

For large shipments of project material and/or commodities, CLN has an extensive network of vessel operators around the globe processing not only the assets needed to perform large movements, but also the experience and expertise in loading, unloading, rigging, oversize inland transport, contract negotiation, and carrier management.
Project Cargo: For large shipments of machinery, building materials, power generation equipment, buses, aircraft, etc. clients need a partner with particular insight into the coordination and management of these types of projects. This coordination process includes the alignment of many different service providers as well as the involvement of government agencies, port authorities, riggers, and installers.